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Popular 511 Driving TimesSM
Mobile Tool
» Bay Bridge corridor (SF to MacArthur Maze):
[-]  min. (typical = 15 min.)
» GG Bridge corridor (Toll Plaza to I-580):
[-]  min. (typical = 14 min.)
» Richmond Bridge corridor (Hwy 101 to I-80):
[-]  min. (typical = 15 min.)
» San Mateo Bridge corridor (Hwy 101 to I-880):
[-]  min. (typical = 14 min.)
» Dumbarton Bridge corridor (Hwy 101 to I-880):
[-]  min. (typical = 12 min.)
» I-80 (SF to Vallejo):
[-]  min. (typical = 42 min.)
» I-680 (I-580 to Hwy 24):
[-]  min. (typical = 20 min.)
» I-880 (Hwy 84 to I-980):
[-]  min. (typical = 33 min.)
» Hwy 24 (Hwy 13 to I-680):
[-]  min. (typical = 11 min.)
» Hwy 101 (I-280 to Bay Bridge-SF side):
[-]  min. (typical = 17 min.)
» Hwy 4 (I-680 to Antioch):
[-]  min. (typical = 23 min.)
» I-680 (San Jose to I-580):
[-]  min. (typical = 34 min.)
» I-580 (I-680 to Livermore):
[-]  min. (typical = 9 min.)